Slotted Post

Slotted Post

Modern Versatility, Sleek Design

At FOL Design, we invite you to discover our Slotted Post Balustrade solutions, offering modern versatility and sleek design. Whether you're a trade professional or a homeowner, these balustrades provide a stylish and functional solution for elevating your spaces.

Our Slotted Post Balustrade solutions feature sleek glass panels that seamlessly fit into slotted posts, creating a clean and contemporary aesthetic. With a perfect balance of form and function, these balustrades add a touch of modernity to any setting.

Crafted with precision and high-quality materials, our Slotted Post Balustrades ensure both elegance and safety for your project. Installation is made easy with our user-friendly instructions, saving you time and effort during the process.

Collaborating closely with our expert team, you can customize the Slotted Post Balustrades to perfectly suit your project's architectural vision and requirements.

Upgrade your spaces with the allure of modern versatility - choose FOL Design's Slotted Post Balustrade solutions today. Redefine your project with a sleek and contemporary statement, enhancing your spaces with the magic of our beautifully designed balustrades. Experience the beauty of simplicity and functionality with FOL Design's Slotted Post Balustrades.


Material: Aluminium Extruded posts
Finish: Anodized Alumnium / Powder Coated Anthracite / Powder coated Black – Other colours available on request
Height: 1100mm
Post Centres: Up to 1200mm
Glass Compatibility:  10mm / 11.5mm; clear / tinted / satin all available
Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
Availability: Posts In Stock – Glass manufactured to order

All glass is manufactured with polished edges and complies with BS EN 12150


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