Frequently Asked Questions

Simply contact us with some approximate measurements / photographs / info to get the ball rolling, quotes are generated on a job by job basis rather than on standard rates.

We just need the overall area size that you are looking to fix to, we work out all reductions in size for the balustrade system from there.

Yes we can, surveys are available at additional cost. Prices can vary depending on where you are based and will be reflected in hours worked / travelled and mileage. Payments for surveys are made on the day by card.

All of our glass panels are made to suit your project, so all runs are divided equally for the same size panels on each run of your balustrade.

Generally an external balustrade should be 1100mm high from floor to top of the system, unless its protecting a drop of 600mm or under and then rules are relaxed.

This depends on the application and style of balustrade you opt for. As a general guideline, glass balustrade with a handrail on top will use toughened glass and glass balustrade without a handrail on top uses laminated glass.

We can offer many types of glass including various tints, privacy glass, etc.

Should a breakage occur toughened glass will shatter into many small ‘dice’ like pieces and disperse to the ground, laminated glass is 2 panes of glass bonded together with an interlayer so in the event of breakage the panel will shatter but remain in tact.

All of our glass is manufactured to BS EN 12150 and is kite marked to confirm this. All edges are polished and there is a radius to each corner to eliminate the risk of chipping.

We offer different grades and finishes for different applications, 304 grade stainless steel is suitable for internal balustrades and 316 for external, most common finish is a satin / brushed finish but for coastal areas we would recommend a mirror finish to avoid any potential tarnishing due to high salt content in the air.

Yes, on acceptance of the quote, as standard on all projects we provide 3D drawings for your approval. Full installation guidance is also given for your peace of mind.

Most stainless steel / aluminium items such as posts and channels etc. are delivered with 7 days, any items that need specially fabricating such as posts for stairs etc. may be slightly longer. Glass lead times can be between 2-4 weeks depending on specification.

All of our orders are paid for up-front, essentially it is no different to placing an online order. Once the design is agreed and approved you are sent an invoice and for your own peace of mind you can pay this by card or PayPal. Bank Transfers are preferred but we understand if customers wish to use other methods for their own security.

All components such as posts, parts channels etc. are delivered on a small flat bed vehicle or courier. Glass arrives separately on a dedicated glass delivery vehicle and on an agreed date. Glass is unloaded one panel at a time, handed to you by the driver at the kerbside of your property / site. You would need to ensure able persons are on site to unload.

Yes we do, any posts that need specially fabricating are an option.

Any keen DIY’er, handyman, builder, landscaper can easily install our systems, we provide comprehensive installation guidance and tutorials for all of our balustrades.

Yes you can, please contact us for details on any base plates / parts / fittings etc.

As standard you will receive bolts for fixing handrails to posts and glue for any joints / parts with your project but we can also provide you with an full fixings pack which includes all floor bolts, drill bits, cleaning equipment etc. for an additional cost.

To keep your balustrade in excellent condition you will need to maintain its appearance with cleaning. We remind customers that stainless steel is exactly as its name suggests ‘Stain-less’ not ‘Stain-free.’

Assuming your balustrade is fixed correctly to a suitable base then it will be as strong as it needs to be. Calculations are available when fixed to an engineered steel or concrete structure for all of our systems. It should also be noted that a glass balustrade system will always move or deflect to some extent and in most cases 1 inch of deflection is perfectly fine.

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